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Sydney tour: Story and history walk plus harbour lunch cruise

悉尼:故事与历史 + 海港游船西式午餐 你知道悉尼今日最顶尖的公校是用当年流放犯人的名字命名的吗?你知道悉尼今日最顶尖的私校是由流放犯人创办的吗? 你知道当年菲利普船长为什么选择悉尼湾作为落脚地,从而成就了今日的悉尼? 在轻松的徒步行程中,发掘悉尼的历史,为你讲述鲜为人知的故事与趣事。乘船游览悉尼海港美景,享受西式午餐美食。 出发日期:2021年12月至2022年1月,每周四,周六行程时间:半天行程:0930-1400;1200-1630。全天行程:0930-1630.出发地点:上午行程-海德公园 Hyde Park下午行程-环形码头 Circular Quay 费用:周四出发:半天行程:成人79.00; 全天行程:成人109.00周六出发:半天行程:成人89.00 儿童 4-14岁:79.00全天行程:成人119.00 儿童 4-14岁:99.00 小费:成人每人5.00,儿童免付。 我们接受和欢迎使用新州政府发放的“探索新州”消费券。欢迎大家通过下面表格报名参加。

《悉尼:故事与历史》系列游 – Vaucluse

When talking about Sydney’s suburb of Vaucluse, people usually connect it to expensive houses and rarely notice its historical significance. The upcoming “Sydney: Stories & Histories” tour in May will take us there to explore Vaucluse’s beautiful beachside, visit couple of its historic buildings, and …

Closed: NSW Southern Highlands Early Autumn Tour

The NSW Southern Highlands offers not only unique natural scenery but also rich histories, along with delicious local foods and wines. It has long been the top weekend excursion destination for Sydneysiders. The upcoming “Sydney: Stories & Histories” walk will take us to the Southern …